Thursday, May 15, 2014

My One

This sounds best as a audio poem so try reading it out loud or mumbling it to yourself. It is a little different than most of my stuff, so I hope you like it!

My life is a confusion of chosin' and losin'
tryin' to be a new one, a real one, a clean one.
All for the One who loves, who fights, who dies,
who comes back to life.

How can I compare?
Who even cares how I live my affairs?
I know he is there, I know he cares, he shares
my pain, my strain, as the everlasting crane
lifts to the cliffs the sinners
who think they can stay the way they behave.
They fall down and pound the ground
as they strive in their meaningless lives.
The ground shakes and quakes for us to awake
to the sight of the light at the end of the night.

How can we wait?
How can we stay?
How can we be at bay?

How abrupt this corrupt world will erupt
ashes falling, masses stalling, he is calling


Those who believe are relieved to leave
the world as it swirls and curls
to escape the wrath and its aftermath.
The battle ensues, evil peruses, but evil pays dues
to the one I choose

"It is finished."

Listen to the silence as it rings
louder than the choir sings.
The battle is won, we are one, he is one.
We sing our praise amazed with our gaze
fixed upon the throne. Not a moan or a groan

Joy consumes, peace resumes, love peruses.
We have won as one to be one with The One,
my One.

by Kayla Jentes

If you want to know more about where this poem came from and where the inspiration came from, write in the comments