Wednesday, March 23, 2016


In modern society we no longer see the reality
but rather the depravity of our own catastrophe.

We walk alongside undead robots
that demand handheld computers.
Never speaking a word
Never touching another

We've replaced authenticity with emojis.
We've given our energy to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
We've lost hold of all reality for a world of seeming perfection,
and we are surprised when reality disappoints us by comparison.

"Why would I explain it to you
when I can just post it online
and you can read it if you want to?"

"Why would I waist my time to visit you
when I can just text you with emojis
and tell you how I'm doing?"

These are the influences upon modern society:
To give up love, compassion, and relationships
and replace them with fallacies, indifference, and "followers."

By Kayla Jentes

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